Výkonnostný Marketing

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing

Performance marketing focuses on performance. It means advertising with a special aim and the order party pays for the service after winning the customer. It is us who will ensure the whole process of winning customers.

We want to be the best at what we do, streamline the market and create innovative solutions.

Online performance marketing includes all the activities leading to specific goals which we want to achieve – to get a contact, registration, to fill in a form / questionnaire, to purchase a product etc. We focus on many types of advertisements – contextual or search engine advertising. Our goals in the field of marketing are reached by using SEO, PPC, mailing, UX or Facebook campaigns. We try to optimize these activities in a most effective way and clients pay for accomplished goals.


We will help people find you on the internet.


PPC advertising will attract new customers and increase your sales.

Sociálne siete

We will use the most visited social networks for your promotion.


The deciding factors of our projects are visibility, usability and efficiency.

Optimalizácia webu

We will find the optimal solution for your project.

Meranie konverzií

Web analytics and conversion tracking is our daily routine.