Direct SMS

Direct SMS

Direct SMS

Reach over 95,000 targeted contacts with Direct SMS. Thanks to specializing in the segment of short-term and long-term loans you can reach out to those already interested in products or services like yours.

Many studies show that Direct SMS supports the performance of other marketing activities. It increases their success, credibility and your conversion rate.

Representation of contacts in our database within regions of Slovakia

  • 99 % success of SMS delivery

  • 27.8 % click through rate to website

  • 31 % annual increase of contacts in database

What can Hyperia DIRECT SMS do ?

  • 155 ASCII characters or 78 Accented

  • Auto check functionality of the phone number 5 seconds before sending the campaign

  • Personalisation - for example, direct addressing of the name

  • Preferences sender - max. 11 characters

  • Possibility to directly click through to the website of SMS

  • Option to set sending SMS campaigns on specific days or hours according to your preference

  • The ability to send SMS as a picture or insert different image characters

  • A test SMS to your mobile phone before running SMS campaigns

  • Successive sending SMS to your call center protects against overload

  • Possible to configure URLs to track campaign success

Why is Direct SMS from Hyperia worth it ?

Phone numbers are live

After registration in our database the existence of each number is verified. Database is subject to regular filtration, which ensures its recency.

You target your offer more precisely

Reach your potential customers more effectively. Target precisely based on their age, gender, interests, location and other.

The SMS campaign is under your control

At the end of the campaign we will submit a list of phone numbers that have received your SMS. Then you evaluate the success of SMS campaigns.

Reach new customers within 3 days

Just choose your target audience and the content of the SMS. Everything else is in our overhead. The campaign can launched on the third day.

The results speak for ourselves

Our services are used by more than 50 stable partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.