Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing uses information as a working tool which is delivered to a right place and to the right people. It is based on linkage between websites offering products and services and the websites which recommend them. This is a type of online advertising when merchants offer content providers a commission for every single customer won. Affiliate marketing is based on the principle of affiliate partners who present various advertisements on websites.

How affiliate marketing works?

Adding an advertisement on a webpage

Each visitor of a website, who clicks on a banner, text link or any other type of advertisement, will be redirected to a specific webpage.

Customer activity

Depending on the terms of a contract if the customer carries out an action stated in the contract, content provider gets his commission. We are going to launch such affiliates in the near future.

Who is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing has a great potential. It is able to win new customers for all companies which want to increase their profits by intentional internet advertising. It is one of the most efficient and effective marketing tools nowadays.

Its huge advantage is profitability for all the parties involved. Popular content providers, blog´s owners or owners of email databases can make interesting sums of money on it.

Advantages for merchants

  • Aquiring new customers

    Customers will come to you on the recommendation of the webpage that seemed interesting to them and you stand a chance that your product or service will be in the interests of the customers. You will win the customer in a very natural way and without intruding.

  • You pay only for actual number of new customers

    Content provider will get a commission for the customers who purchased a product or service from you. Your investment into advertising will not exceed the profits.

Advantages for content providers

  • Making profit from webpage popularity

    You can make money by owning a web page with high popularity. It will motivate you to still improve the webpage quality so that it will gain in popularity.