About us

We are a team of experts enthusiastic about IT and marketing. We decided to turn our professional and long-term experience with online marketing into a new project. And this is how Hyperia s.r.o. was born in the spring of 2013. Our main activities are represented by lead generation, performance marketing and affiliate marketing.

Hyper team

Our pro-active Hyper team is comprised of specialists in various fields - heads of the departments, specialists in SEO, PPC or affiliate marketing, programmers or graphic designer gurus. We work together on a number of projects where, besides other bonuses, we learn plenty of new skills and get some useful knowledge.

Our modest workplace

Hyperia cares about...

The Team

Team buildings are a must - bowling, laser tag, climbing wall, cabins, gatherings and birthday parties - which cement the team while drinking beer and playing board games.

Comfort at work

All Hypermates have their own and fully equipped working area; they can work from home or have flexible working hours; there is a kitchenette for having lunch or coffee and many other benefits.

A(ttra)ctive breaktime activities

During work, we like to relax by playing table football, frisbee, badminton, having an ice-cream or just by chilling out and drinking a coffee in the kitchenette.

Our health

A playground with a workout park is at our disposal and Janka takes care of the supply of vitamins (on fruit days), etc. We get allowance for various activities related to health - physiotherapy, massages, Pilates courses. Meetings are sometimes held outdoors.

Education and mental development

In order to progress, we take part in various conferences and workshops. We sharpen our brains in escape rooms and please our soul by going to the cinema or theater. Even foreign languages are not alien to our company. We brush up our English skills during conversation courses with our teacher-inresidence.

Things happening around us

We like to support meaningful things: non-profit organization Dobrý Anjel (Good Angel); Startup weekend; shelters in the surrounding area; building new pedestrian crossings and workout parks; having recycling policy. In addition, we arrange Hyperdrink - an event for young people who want to establish new contacts.